November 1st, 2013

McDonald’s and Burger King Violate Children’s Advertising Agreement

Diets in Review

Making Up 99 Percent of All Fast Food Ads Aimed at Kids

When it comes to child marketing, McDonald’s and Burger King are selling the experience, not the food. The above study, funded and published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has found the two largest fast food corporations aren’t as dumb as they look. They’ve figured out that showcasing their food is actually a bad idea. Obviously McDonald’s and Burger King cannot self-regulate their ads aimed at children. The facts are anything but elementary, as the tactics of these fast food behemoths are prolonging the childhood obesity epidemic. One-third of our children remain obese.

99 percent of all fast food ads aimed at children came courtesy of two companies. Any guesses? Not a tough one here, folks. McDonald’s and Burger King placed 44,602 and 37,210 ads aimed at kids, respectively. This is disconcerting. Despite big fast food’s efforts to increase healthy offerings, the burgers, fries, and nuggets peddled in kid’s meals are meals are highly caloric, highly fatty, and highly processed.



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