October 24th, 2013

MediaSpike Mountain Dew product placement

By Dean Takahashi
Venture Beat

MediaSpike brings product placement — like the branded soda cans you see in movies — into social and mobile games. And the company is reporting new progress on its mission today.
The company is announcing that it now reaches more than 20 million monthly unique users with its ad business, which places product advertisements inside mobile and social games. So if you visit a vending machine in a game, you may be able to purchase a virtual Mountain Dew soda.

In June, MediaSpike reached just 1 million monthly uniques. In the five months since, it has grown rapidly and added mobile-social game publishers including Tetris Online, Big Blue Bubble, Bigpoint Games, and Meez.
MediaSpike is also announcing that it has hired digital advertising leaders Calvin Wong and Joe O’Brien. Wong, a former ad sales exec at places like Community Connect and Appsavvy, will be chief revenue officer. O’Brien is the new director of strategic partnerships. He was previously in business development for Appsavvy.

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